1. Letter from the Presidents

  2. Letter from Conference Committee Co-Chairs

  3. Key Conference Learnings as Shared by Post Conference Evaluations

  4. I. Main Body

    1. 1. Reality Bytes: @RU_Coop’s Adventures in Simulation-Based Learning to Boost Student Occupational Self-Efficacy

    2. 2. Experience Fairs: Where Students Engage Industry

    3. 3. Perspectives of B.C. Co-operative Education Employers Regarding Hiring Students from International Pathways: Early Findings of a Multi-Institutional Study

    4. 4. Employer branded workshops: Combining recruitment, learning, and student engagement

    5. 5. Better Together: Supporting First Year Co-op Students through a Collaborative & Engaging Approach

    6. 6. How Co-operative Education Helps Engineering Students develop the Necessary Graduate Attributes for Career Success

    7. 7. Walking with our Students into the Village of the Future: Takes One to Know One ;)

    8. 8. Decoding the Gen Z Factor-What Gen Z students are looking for from their employers in their Internships, Co-ops and First Careers

    9. 9. Digital Technologies in the Assessment Process: Integrating Video Recruitment Interviews in the Undergraduate Management Curriculum at Leeds University Business School

    10. 10. Coaching Learners for Work Transitions: Embracing the New Realities

    11. 11. In Search of the Big Picture: Exploring Perspectives of Work Integrated Education

    12. 12. Effective Intercultural Communication: Online Curriculum to Better Prepare Students for Global Marketplaces

    13. 13. A Pan-University Approach to Experiential Education

    14. 14. Expectation versus Reality: Supporting Students Through Self-Discovery in Co-op

    15. 15. The Role of Career Development at a Time of Change: An Emphasis on Employer, Higher Education, & Student Relations

    16. 16. We're not who you think we are: exploring workplace fluidity in a corporate culture

    17. 17. 8 Things Every Campus Recruiter Should Know (and Do Well!)

    18. 18. Dear First Year Me: What I Wish They Taught Me in University About How to Survive the Job Search, University and the Workplace

    19. 19. Making the Most of your Co-op Experience - The Employer Perspective

    20. 20. Playing the Field: Language Use Strategies in Job Postings and Applications Across Disciplines

    21. 21. Student Personal Business Plan: A Career Development Strategy

    22. 22. Educating all Business Students About Their Careers: Integrating Career Development Learning in Classrooms

    23. 23. (my) Blueprint for Education & Career/Life Planning

    24. 24. The Impact of Co-operative Education and Work-Integrated Education on Graduate Outcomes

    25. 25. Assessing graduate student employability through co-operative learning evaluations

    26. 26. Are We Doing What We Said We Would Do? The Evolution of Evaluation at SFU Career & Volunteer Services

    27. 27. Student Panel: What students expect from employers and their feedback on the campus recruiting

    28. 28. Ryerson’s Career Boost Program: Creating Valuable, Off-Campus Employment Opportunities for Students & New Grads

    29. 29. Open Space Technology (OST): Co-op/Career Education Research – Part 1

    30. 30. Supporting Students with Mental Health Issues During Co-op Work Terms: Towards a New Paradigm

    31. 31. The University of Waterloo’s Move to a Hybrid Model for Co-op Prep: Transforming Services, Satisfaction and Outcomes for Pre-First Work Term Students

    32. 32. Connecting People to Possibilities

    33. 33. Data! Data! Data! I Can't Make Bricks Without Clay (or) How a UK University Career Centre Uses Data to Construct its Provision

    34. 34. Effective Collaboration Across Student/Employer Co-op Teams

    35. 35. Developing an Entrepreneurial Mindset: A Partnership Between Co-op and Industry at the University of Ottawa

    36. 36. Outcome – The Experiential Learning Management Platform

    37. 37. 5 Levels of Leadership

    38. 38. Fundamentals of Employer Development: How to Close New Business

    39. 39. Breaking Down Barriers to Employment: A Labour Canada Initiative

    40. 40. One Size Does Not Fit All: Co-creating diverse approaches

    41. 41. Evolving Online Activities to Develop Career Development in our Learners

    42. 42. Do You Support International Students from Hong Kong and China? What I Learned from Visiting Career Centres in Hong Kong and China

    43. 43. Risk Mitigation: Legal Policy, Process and Document Management

    44. 44. The Career Success Symposium for Students with Disabilities: Facilitating and Strengthening Connections Between Students with Disabilities, Employers and Community Partners

    45. 45. Global Community Engagement through Work Integrated Learning (WIL)

    46. 46. From the Trenches - Industry, Alumni and Advisors Share Experiences of Industry Integrated Education

    47. 47. Expanding Experiential Learning/Work-integrated opportunities across Campus-the Queen's and Waterloo Experience

    48. 48. An 'audit' of successful strategies co-operative education students employ during CPA Recruit

    49. 49. The Results Are In! Presenting the Findings of the 2016 Pan-Canadian Benchmarking Survey on Career Centre Services, Resources and Metrics

    50. 50. Fairytales, Fantasy & Magic. Why Campus Recruiting is much like Storytelling

    51. 51. Value-Added Curriculum: How Mandatory Mock Interview Clinics Enrich the UVic Co-op Experience

    52. 52. THE WORLD OF WORK 2020