21 Student Personal Business Plan: A Career Development Strategy


Brad Erikson, University of Victoria

Students become engaged in a process to drive their own career strategies by creating a living personal business plan based on reflection, visioning, research, SMART goals, activity tracking, peer discussion and regular plan updates. Commencing six weeks prior to their first academic semester, continuing through each semester of their program and concluding after graduation, students are supported by and receive guidance from a professional development team of educators. The process involves required, optional and self-directed activities. This process (The Personal Business Plan) was developed to have students take active ownership of their career journey. This addresses two common misconceptions that:

  1. Co-op Education and Career Programs will “deliver” employment to students, and
  2. “My dream career” will suddenly become clear to me by happenstance.



Brad Erikson, University of Victoria
Brad develops and facilitates processes that engage students to visualize and take action on their career plan. He focuses on relationship development in the consulting, energy and resources sectors and received an award for Outstanding Contribution to Co-operative Education in 2005 and 2009.


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