27 Student Panel: What students expect from employers and their feedback on the campus recruiting


Nathan Laurie, JobPostings.ca & RankMyInternship.ca

This presentation covered students’ career ambitions and expectations as it relates to their career prospects after they graduate. From a student’s perspective, the presentation detailed how they feel about Career Fairs, campus info sessions, off-campus events, social media’s role in recruitment, and their feelings about the job search and job application process. Each of these themes was kicked off with a short video so that the audience can hear from a wider perspective of students beyond the student panel and to spark debate and discussion.



Nathan Laurie (Moderator), President & CEO jobpostings.ca & rankmyinternship.ca
With almost 20 years of experience in campus recruiting, and as a former co-op student, Nathan will facilitate a student panel discussion at this year’s conference. Nathan’s goals during these sessions are to always get the audience engaged in a discussion amongst the group. Many recruiters and career educators will have questions for the student panel and comments regarding what they see from the videos. As a facilitator, Nathan always ensures his presentation is meaningful to all who attend.


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