23 (my) Blueprint for Education & Career/Life Planning


Damian Matheson & Gil Silberstein, myBlueprint

There are many education technology companies who do 1 thing really well. But in today’s world, when you are trying to develop a truly specialized and engaging program for your students, no one has the time to learn 20 different tools for 20 different purposes. Over the past 11 years, myBlueprint has built up a user base of nearly 1 million Canadian students in over 300 K-12 school districts. Through strong partnerships, and an ongoing commitment to customization, we have learned how to develop an engaging, user friendly, one-stop shop to support the education, career and life planning needs of Canadian students. We are now evolving the platform and learning from people like you with the launch of the myBlueprint Post-Secondary Edition (PSE).

This session will provide:
−What we have learned thus far as we have explored the Post-Secondary market
−An overview of the George Brown College Academic Upgrading tools currently in development in collaboration
with myBlueprint
−An overview of the integrated 1st year for-credit career planning course in development at Camosun College in
collaboration with myBlueprint
−A chance for you to share your thoughts around what you would like to see to help shape the next evolution of
education, career and life planning resources in Canada



Damian Matheson, myBlueprint
Damian comes from a background versed in fast paced technology startups. Working alongside myBlueprint’s founder, Gil Silberstein, in the role of Partner Development, Damian brings his experience in customer excellence and adaptive innovation. Passionate about impactful technology and its use within education (specifically in career and life planning), Damian hopes to help transform a student’s decision making process in respect to life after high school by combining new intelligent technologies with experiential learning.

Gil Silberstein, myBlueprint
Gil Silberstein is a young entrepreneur that has founded several start-up companies since his first venture selling sour keys in Grade 3. Launched in 2005, myBlueprint developed after Gil decided to focus his energy on Career Education and Student Success. After years of in-depth research with thousands of education stakeholders, career education resources were revolutionized with the release of myBlueprint Education Planner.


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