50 Fairytales, Fantasy & Magic. Why Campus Recruiting is much like Storytelling


Christine Keleshian, TD Bank Group

Once upon a time….. Is this what you think of when you hear storytelling?

Storytelling is the social and cultural activityof sharing stories, often with improvisation and theatrics. Stories have been shared in every culture as a means of entertainment, education, cultural preservation and in stilling moral values. Organizations use storytelling to illustrate their brand, much like the popular storybooks of your childhood that captured your imagination. Seasoned Campus Recruiters know, storytelling is THE essential skill to be successful in attracting top talent in a competitive market. Whether you’re on campus telling your brand’s story or presenting data to your organization’s executives, using storytelling will create a compelling message that captures your audience and invites them on a journey. Join us on an adventure and don’t forget your magic wand!



Christine Keleshian, TD Bank Group
Christine is an experienced Capital Markets Campus Recruiter for TD Bank. Her career at TD has evolved from a part-time Customer Service Representative while pursuing her B.Admin at York University. She has extensive banking experience, with 12 years holding various roles in financial services. Christine is known for her passion for campus recruitment and her infectious laugh.
Find her on Twitter: @christinek_td.


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