47 Expanding Experiential Learning/Work-integrated opportunities across Campus-the Queen’s and Waterloo Experience


Chelsea Elliott, Queen’s University
Anne Fannon & Jennifer Woodside, University of Waterloo

How do we as career educators and administrators respond to the call for expanded student access to work-integrated / experiential learning opportunities? Queen’s University and the University of Waterloo have each responded to this challenge in their own way, spending the last two years designing and building their own unique institutional responses. Join Chelsea Elliott from Queen’s and both Anne Fannon and Jennifer Woodside from Waterloo to walk through the processes undertaken, including their respective experiences with conducting consultations; building partnerships, trust and engagement; and operationalizing a new and far-reaching initiative. We will jointly explore and encourage reflection on what falls into the realm of best practices across different institutional landscapes.

Anne and Jennifer will highlight development of the new EDGE certificate at Waterloo. Offering work integrated options to non co-op students, the EDGE certificate is an exciting expansion for Waterloo.
Chelsea will trace the development and coordination of a new Experiential Learning Hub housed in Career Services at Queen’s University. The hub is a common “front door” to Experiential Learning on campus, facilitating communication and sharing best practices between Faculties, programs and the university.



Chelsea Elliott, Queens University
Chelsea is Manager of Experiential Learning and Partner Relations at Queen’s University. She has 18 years of experience in partner relations, managing development projects and experiential learning coordination in industry and post-secondary institutions. She has developed and facilitated both cocurricular and curricular-based experiential learning opportunities. Chelsea has a background in engineering management, strategic planning, facility development, and team building. Her committee experience includes membership on Queen’s Senate, the Senate Governance and Nominating Committee and Science Rendezvous Canada.

Anne Fannon, University of Waterloo
Anne is Director of the University of Waterloo’s Professional Development Program (WatPD). In her role as Director of WatPD, she oversees the development and operation of curriculum that supports students in a variety of experiential education opportunities ranging from co-curricular experiences to co-op work terms. Recently, she led the development of a new experiential education certificate program at the University of Waterloo known as the EDGE program. In addition to her work at Waterloo, Anne is actively involved in CAFCE and currently serves as CAFCE President.

Jennifer Woodside, University of Waterloo
As Director of the Centre for Career Action, Jennifer is a member of the Co-operative Education & Career Action (CECA) leadership team. She is accountable for the management of the Centre for Career Action and the development, continuous improvement, and innovative deployment of career development support to UWaterloo students, alumni, and employees.


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