41 Evolving Online Activities to Develop Career Development in our Learners


Alan McAlpine & Caroline Rueckert, Queensland University of Technology (QUT)

The session will share the extension of the existing online QUT Career Development Modules (Thomson, A., 2010) developed in 2009/10 and will demonstrate the value of working across practitioner, academic and policy areas within the institution. The existing suite of modules has demonstrated high engagement (approx. 10,000 modules used per year across all faculties) in the university and high engagement from academics (approx. 70% of students report usage as a result of academic requirement or suggestion). In 2016/17 the Career service developed a 1-page career development framework that will be applied to curriculum accreditation and the next generation of online learning experiences. Still in the developmental stage the concept and current state of the new suite of learning experiences will be shared. The blended approach to learning comprises a MOOC for prospective students, flexible online learning tools that encourage the development of employability capabilities while weaving a mentoring strategy across all stages of the student lifecycle. The suite of experiences are an innovative use of self-tracking learning analytics to support the learner’s journey before, during and after the university experience.


  • Strengthening Connections: Students, Higher Education, Industry and Community
  • Curriculum and Practice
  • Program Analytics, Evaluation and Research
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Career Services Models for Best Delivery



Dr. Alan McAlpine
+61 7 3138 2572

Caroline Rueckert
+61 7 3138 9843


Alan McAlpine, QUT
Alan is manager at the QUT Careers & Employment and the immediate past President of the National Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services (NAGCAS). He sits on the board of Graduate Careers Australia. Alan has over 15 years’ experience in the career development field, having worked in a private consultancy delivering career development for employees and in delivering career development support for higher degree research students at both the University of Auckland and QUT. In Alan’s time as manager at QUT the service has received and Australian Learning and Teaching Council (ALTC) citation award for sustained career development support and the service has also been with a number of other Australian Universities. These are widely used in curriculum and sit on the Universities online teaching and learning platform, Blackboard. He was also part of the team that won an ALTC award for the development and use of the QUT Student ePortfolio.

Caroline Rueckert, QUT
Caroline is Associate Director of Student Success and Retention at QUT. Prior to commencing at QUT, Caroline was Program Director for First Year Student Initiatives at the University of British Columbia. Her interests are in building partnerships to enhance employability, student learning, cross-cultural issues in higher education, and facilitating student resilience and well-being through coordinated approaches to learner support.


Key Learning

The key outcome of this session is to share and receive feedback on our innovative and bold approach to apply a career development framework across the whole institution. The online learning experiences are designed to support academics in the provision of credit bearing learning experiences that support career development in a scaffolded fashion across the student lifecycle.

Strategies for Engaging Participants

The session will outline the background and current state of the project outlined in the abstract and seek discussion with the audience.


Thomson, A. (2010) EMBEDDING AN ONLINE CAREER DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM INTO STUDENT LEARNING, Australian Journal of Career Development 19(3) 6-14.


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