4 Employer branded workshops: Combining recruitment, learning, and student engagement


Dan Kennedy, Ryerson University

Employer partners are increasingly asking career centers for unique branding opportunities that allow for better engagement and a better ability to identify top talent. Meanwhile, students are looking for opportunities to connect with employers in a more meaningful way while also learning and developing skills that are relevant to current market demands. The TRSM Business Career Hub recently collaborated with Deloitte Digital to administer a unique series of workshops entitled “Salesforce Development and Cloud Computing Consulting”. This 2 day series of workshops was attended by 25 fourth -year students interested in the topic of consulting and cloud computing. Students gained real world advice, mentorship, and learnings from Deloitte Digital consultants. At the same time, Deloitte Digital used the workshop to increase the on-campus brand awareness and as a means to identify and recruit students who demonstrated an aptitude for the subject matter. The workshops were so well received by both students and employer representatives that Deloitte Digital has committed to run the workshops twice a year. Once in the fall semester, to recruit for full time and rotation program positions and once in the winter semester to recruit for summer employment, internships, and co-op positions. This has significantly improved the relationship between Deloitte Digital, The TRSM Business Career Hub, and TRSM business technology students all at a reasonable cost in both money and time.



Dan Kennedy, Ryerson University
Dan is the Manager of the TRSM Business Career Hub. In addition to working with post-secondary students, Dan has worked with the Youth Employment Services and the Canadian Paraplegic Association. He has worked with marginalized and diversity groups to support pre-employment, job search and career growth. Dan has an MBA in the Management of Innovation and Technology from the Ted Rogers School of Management. His work and research centers on how technology and social media have influenced today’s workplace. In his current role as Manager of the TRSM business Career Hub, he works to engage key stakeholders within TRSM and to ensure the continued success of TRSM students and programs.



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