12 Effective Intercultural Communication: Online Curriculum to Better Prepare Students for Global Marketplaces


Heather Williams, Simon Fraser University

Better Together implies a connection that enhances experience. Working on intercultural development in today’s global marketplace is critical for students who wish to be successful in creating professional connections in our increasingly diverse, global, digital workplaces. This presentation will describe the development and initial impact assessments of intercultural communication curriculum. This work was built on a needs assessment using Bennett’s (1986) Developmental Model of Intercultural Sensitivity and also framed by theorists such as Deardorff (2011), Hofstede (2001) and Goleman (2002). Working collaboratively with the Indigenous Student Centre and experts in the field this curriculum also addresses the Truth and Reconciliation Council’s call to indigenize curriculum by including stories and ways of learning from our First Nations Peoples. The curriculum has been developed within a unique partnership between the Work Integrated Learning office in Student Services and the Centre for English Language Learning Teaching and Research in the Faculty of Education at Simon Fraser University.

Heather Williams, Simon Fraser University
Heather is a Language and Culture Curriculum Coordinator with Work Integrated Learning & the Centre for English Language Learning, Teaching and Research at Simon Fraser University. She has combined her knowledge of intercultural education and student preparation to create this unique curriculum designed specifically to meet students “at the place where they are”. Heather works collaboratively with units across campus and has recently been appointed in a new role that has Work Integrated and Centre for English Language Learning Teaching and Research (CELLTR) working towards better language, culture and WIL needs at its heart. Heather has recently earned the certificate in intercultural studies from University of British Columbia and is working on a Masters in Curriculum and Pedagogy through Simon Fraser University. In her work you will find traces of her passion for life-long learning, the understanding and advocacy for experiential education and some sneaky undertones of yoga philosophy.


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