10 Coaching Learners for Work Transitions: Embracing the New Realities


Valerie Ward, Valerie G. Ward Consulting Ltd.
A sharp drop in traditional full-time jobs, rapidly emerging new work options, and employers interviewing only the most recently unemployed – these are some of the trends contributing to a rapidly changing labour market context for our professional work. Given their often diverse responsibilities, practitioners and career educators often find it challenging to identify the implications of these changes in preparing learners for today’s work transitions. This session will explore creative strategies for maintaining the heart of service while actively and efficiently coaching learners towards work life success.



Valerie Ward, Valerie G. Ward Consulting Ltd.
Valerie G. Ward, M.A., is a career development specialist with over 30 years’ experience in developing programs, learning resources, partnerships, and strategies to meet the career development and labour market adjustment needs of service providers and their clients and learners. She is the co- developer and owner of the Employment Readiness ScaleTM (ERS) (www.EmploymentReadiness.info) and heads Valerie G. Ward Consulting Ltd. near Vancouver, BC.



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