8 Decoding the Gen Z Factor-What Gen Z students are looking for from their employers in their Internships, Co-ops and First Careers


Mary Barroll, TalentEgg
For the first time Gen Z students are looking for their first internship or co-op or will be graduating from University. Every year, TalentEgg conducts a nationwide survey of student opinions, goals and preferences for their future careers and employers and has presented the survey results in a published report at our TalentEgg National Campus Recruitment Excellence Awards and Conference held each May to our audience of employers and career educators. For the past year, TalentEgg has been conducting additional informal outreach via social media and online surveys to obtain detailed feedback from the Gen Z cohort in our community of students. As a result, our 2016-2017 National Survey and Guide to Canadian Campus Recruitment will include even more robust data to help us understand this emerging demographic of young job seekers. We are excited to expand our audience for this information and drill down to details from our student respondents to the survey and provide a detailed analysis in a presentation by our President, Mary Barroll, to the 1st National ACE/CACEE/CAFCE Conference. We will also distribute free copies of the 2016-2017 TalentEgg Guide to Canadian Campus Recruitment to all delegates.

Mary Barroll, TalentEgg
Mary is an online business executive and lawyer with a background in media, technology and IP law. A former broadcast journalist, she developed her legal practice around her love of media, communications and on line businesses. She has worked with Canada’s leading broadcasters and marketing companies and her clients include award winning television, film and interactive media producers, software and website developers and other businesses involved in the traditional and digital media industries. In 2013 she was appointed General Counsel & VP Media Affairs at CharityVillage.com, Canada’s largest job portal for charities and not for profits in Canada. In 2016, Mary took the reins as President of TalentEgg.ca, Canada’s No.1, award-winning job board and online career resource that connects top employers with top students and grads. Her 20 years of experience working with online businesses and interactive digital media combined with her background in editorial, video and digital media production and marketing provides Mary with the perfect skill set to build TalentEgg’s presence across Canada and position the company for success into the future.


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