2 Experience Fairs: Where Students Engage Industry


Dana Stephenson, Riipen

Job fairs are outdated, yet necessary. Students are unprepared; resumes are generic; and employers waste valuable time and resources answering mundane questions. New technology has allowed for a transformation to happen and UBC has leveraged digital and social media platforms for a third year in a row, with its legacy event the “Tech Showcase” using Riipen – the experience platform. This session will take student and employer perspectives – the users and customers of traditional job fairs – to explain the fundamental differences and exponential benefits of transitioning from Job Fairs to Experience Fairs, which turn a one-day event, into a 30-day engagement opportunity.


Dana Stephenson, Riipen
Dana is a lifelong learner and radical doer with a passion for bridging the skills gap between education and industry. As an undergraduate, he learned firsthand how difficult it is for students who lack real- world experience today to transition from education into a relevant, meaningful career upon graduation. He looked back at his education and at all of the projects students completed and realized that while most of them ended up in a recycling bin, many had industry merit that could benefit local companies while helping students build their experience and skills.

He combined his interests in social entrepreneurship, education technology, and HR to set himself on a path to improve the education and recruitment systems so that future generations could more easily transition to successful career paths while companies easily find the talent they need to fuel the future growth and success. Combining talents with a few of his peers at graduation, he launched Riipen, an online educational platform that enables schools to provide meaningful project-based experiential learning at scale.


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