38 Fundamentals of Employer Development: How to Close New Business


Lucie Gendron, University of Ottawa
Kyler Crawford, Dalhousie University

Learn the basics of the Business Development Mechanic when engaging with a new potential CO-OP employer or new partner. The how-to “cycle” from step to step from the moment we get introduced to the moment of closing a job opportunity for your school. Understand the mechanic of pre-call planning, prospecting, employer development methodology, objection handling technics and closing. The 1-hour training on business development is delivered with the support of videos demonstrating the techniques learned, in class reflections and exercises. The participation of the audience sharing real life challenges will be encouraged and addressed on the spot.



Lucie Gendron, University of Ottawa
Lucie is engaged in business development since she graduated from University of Ottawa 25 years ago in Marketing. First with Xerox Canada, where she developed a strong understanding of business development methodology and sale cycle. This competency was a determinant in her career progression mainly with IBM where she spent most of her career developing major accounts in government and private sectors, then with Fairmont and now with University of Ottawa as Assistant Director, Employer Relations, CO-OP Office.

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