37 5 Levels of Leadership


Sherri Dickie, Vector Marketing

In order to keep moving with the speed of our constantly changing industry, we must become better at working together. Employers and educators are being asked to deliver more, with often smaller teams and shrinking budgets. Our greatest asset has always been, however now more than ever, our people. This workshop we’ll dive into the principles from leadership authority, John Maxwell’s, “5 Levels of Leadership” and how we can become better at leading ourselves, our staff, our students and even those who don’t report directly to us.

Key Words:

  • Leadership
  • Learning
  • Influence
  • Fun
  • Transformation
  • Positional
  • Permission
  • Production
  • People development
  • Pinnacle



Sherri Dickie, Vector Marketing
Sherri Dickie started with Vector Marketing Canada in April 1996 as a University of Guelph student. During her time in sales, she served on the Field Sales Manager Advisory Board, and she was awarded the Carmen Buehner Memorial Award, recognizing those who are leaders not only in Vector, but who also give back to their communities. One of Vector Canada’s sales leaders, Sherri is a Vector Court of Honour member. In 2005 Sherri was promoted to Division Recruiting Assistant and the following year she took on the challenge of developing and leading Vector Marketing Canada’s first Call Centre. In her various leadership roles she has trained hundreds of call centre agents, sales representatives and managers. In July of 2007, she accepted her current role with Vector Marketing Canada’s executive team, as the National Campus Recruiting Manager. She focuses on developing successful campus recruiting programs, meeting students across the country, creating recruiting best practices, and the training and development of their leadership team. As Director on the CACEE Board, Canadian Association of Career Educators and Employers, she is passionate about building recruiting partnerships with Canadian campuses, as well as duplicating the Selling Smiles 101 ® program, an experiential service learning project at the Haskayne School of Business, at other institutions. In 2012 she pursued her passion for speaking and coaching by completing the John C. Maxwell Certification Program.



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Key Learning

A thorough understanding of the 5 Levels of Leadership:

  1. Positional
  2. Permission
  3. Production
  4. People Development
  5. Pinnacle

Attendees will have actionable steps to grow their leadership capabilities, which will benefit all aspects of their career.


The 5 Levels of Leadership, 2011 John C. Maxwell




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